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Bales of Cardboard
About Cardboard:

Specifications for Baling Old Corrugated Containers, i.e., Grade # 11 Cardboard Bales:
  • Used and new corrugated boxes only.  Usually these boxes are brown throughout; however, some boxes will have a white exterior.

  • What came on the box can stay on the box, i.e., the print, the piece of tape, the staples.

  • Brown kraft paper is acceptable in small quantities.

  • Stretch wrap, plastic or metal strapping and inner packing materials such as styrofoam, foam rubber and plastic must be removed.

  • No wax or plastic coated boxes.

  • No gray or yellowish boxes without the corrugated line. These boxes are lacking fiber strength for the recycling process.

  • Non-corrugated board, i.e., shoes boxes, cereal boxes, should not be baled with the cardboard.

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